"Ask yourself; does this path have a heart? If the answer is yes, the path is good. If the answer is no, it is of no use at all."


Before embarking on my journey as a yoga teacher in 2016, I’d been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years. After years of living life in the fast lane and burning the candle at both ends, I started to feel my lifestyle wasn't serving me.  Despite my aptitude for fun,  I had a deep sense that something was missing, I just didn’t know what.

I’d practiced some yoga and always liked the idea of delving deeper into the teachings but never managed to find the time beyond  a weekly class at my local gym.  Ready for some soul searching; I embarked on the yogi's right of passage and took myself off to India for 3 months, diving in to the yoga teachings with a month in an ashram. There was no going back after that. I'd found the missing link.

I am hugely passionate about the transformational benefits of yoga and meditation and the power they have to help us see what we truly are; works in progress.  I teach yoga from the heart, with the sole aim of encouraging others to love themselves and the world a little bit more each day; Shanti Sundays® in action.  Together we are on a mission to encourage self-care and self-love as a daily practice.  From a full heart we can give unconditionally.

My classes are for everyone, designed to build strength, encourage stillness of mind and an open heart through mindful breath led movement.   Sequences are nourishing, strong, dynamic and fun and intended to energise and inspire individuals to embrace their vast potential on and off the mat.  I'm a huge fan of restorative yoga and incorporate this into most classes.  In a culture obessesed with 'doing',  these supported passive postures serve as the perfect antidote and offer untold benefits to the whole being. 

"If you get tired; learn to rest, not to quit." 


Tuesday 7.30 - 9pm Dynamic Flow, Restore and Sound Kensal Rise, NW10 Email to book

Sunday 5.30 - 7pm   Flow and Restore: Yoga on The Lane, 105 Shackelwell Lane, E8 2EB


June 14 - 21st Breath, Movement and Stillness with Tony Watson in Portugal Email for information

September 14 - 21st Yoga, Sound and Shamanism in the Italian countryside with Tracey Ellis

Restore and Heal in Nature in beautiful In Sabina Email for information

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