Leo Consendai and Third Ear

With the pace of the world showing no signs of slowing it's becoming more and more challenging to stay present and mindful these days.  

Just how are we supposed to cope with all the additional demands being made on our senses and our time?  Meditation and our beloved restorative yoga helps and now we've discovered another great tool for our urban survival kit; the brilliant THIRD EAR app.  This brilliant sound and mindfulness app is helping us drown out the noise and has seamlessly weaved it's way into our daily practice.  A gong meditation a day keeps the crazies at bay you know....

We caught up with Leo Cosendai, London's leading sound practitioner, gong master and the instrument behind Third Ear,  ahead of our Winter be Gong workshop at Yoga on the Lane on 25th March to talk mindfulness and good vibrations.  

Friends of Shanti Sundays can also enjoy one third off a yearly subscription for Third Ear.  Details below the interview.


“Does this path have a heart? If no, don't bother.” 


What was the first thought you had this morning?

Which day is it? :D

3 things you are most grateful for?

My wife, my sister as well as friends and music. 

What is your life / work philosophy? 

I feel like life should be filled with the kind of work that makes you want to wake up every morning and live each day to the full. 

A quote that I find inspiring despite its grittiness is:

“Sometimes, you just have to pee in the sink." - Charles Bukowski

What does self-care mean to you?

It means living the realisation that the body is the most incredible and advanced piece of engineering we’ll ever witness, and thus it should be treasured accordingly. 

What sets your soul alight?

Travelling and spending time in nature, being able to give a hug to someone who really needs it, great food made with love, creating art, getting lost in a city I don’t know and playing air guitar on my own with loud music blasting through the room… 

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Both first place on the podium would be:

“Own your happiness. Make sure it doesn't come from an outside source but rather from inside”


“Does this path have a heart? If no, don't bother.” 

Best piece of advice you can give?

Truth dawns when conclusions are kept at bay - be an eternal student. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

I would try and find a way to do this or something of comparable value to help people feel better in themselves so the world can become a better place. And the good thing is, there is not one way to do this - everyone has at least one way they can contribute and help make a lasting change. 

"Truth dawns when conclusions are kept at bay - be an eternal student. "

Was there any point that you could have taken a diversion down another path?

Yes, in fact I am sure that at every point in my life I indeed could have taken a different path. Though you know, the wonderful thing is that it seems no matter what path one chooses, the destination remains the same. 

Third Ear is a very family affair. Are their any lows to accompany the highs of working with those closest to you?

My sister Julie is the most incredible artist I have ever worked with. She has this super natural ability to understand her clients, as well as being able to create magic day after day. She really brings it. 

Charles is a brilliant thinker and very open minded person. We have been friends since school and though that certainly helps in terms of trust and human relations, I think what makes our working relationship so strong is our equal desire to create and make the world a better place. 

By the way, THIRD EAR isn’t going to just be an app, there is a lot more coming! 

The design and the voice of the App is very cute and endearing.  You can really feel the love behind it.  Is this a collective effort reflective of your relationship

Julie is 99% behind the design 

What are the plans for Third Ear?

We have a big update coming out in Spring which I am really excited about but I won’t give too many details so I’ll say one word: Green. 

Regarding our future as a company, we are developing a product which will forever change the way we listen to sound. 

And for you?

I will keep on teaching in London as well as giving seminars and talks around the world when I am not working on the app and THIRD EAR’s new ventures. 

What is your daily practice?

A personal Gong bath on the THIRD EAR app, some pranayama breathing and a combination of yin and kundalini yoga. 

What would you say are the most significant benefits of meditation?

It changes the way you perceive your environment. And it reveals unknown facets of you which the world desperately needs. 

And vibrational sound healing?  

Sound healing does the above in a far more efficient way than silence can possibly do.

It also helps people to reset their central nervous system and retrain their brain into producing alpha and theta waves which we have been struggling with since the new age of technology. 

What is your idea of the perfect Shanti Sunday?

1)    Day dreaming and wondering what exciting things I can create and make happen today in bed, followed by some lemon infused water to rehydrate. 

2) A session of yin yoga or kundalini yoga to feed the nerves, muscles and spinal fluids.  

3) A gong bath meditation with some heart pillows, bolsters and eye pillows for best comfort.  

4) A delicious breakfast followed by a long stroll on the heath and perhaps a cold water plunge at the ponds if feeling adventurous. 

5) Time for a hot chocolate with a good book and candles or fire somewhere nice and cosy

6) Infra Red Sauna or Cinema

7) Bed time : )

And finally, your wish for the world?

May the world carry on doing its thing. There is unseen wisdom at work, just like there is UV and Infra red light which the human eye can’t see.

Third Ear is available to download on Itunes.  Friends of Shanti Sundays can sign up for a yearly subscription at the discounted rate of £29.99. Simply sign up on their website and enter the code SHANTISUNDAYS before dowloading the app and your ticket to inner peace.

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Tracey Ellis