High Praise: Zakee Shariff

Our HIGH PRAISE series is a celebration of creative females who are inspiring us as by shining their light into the world in their own unique way.  These ladies are at the top of their game, working their magic with consistent good vibes, conscious integrity and the positive message they convey through their work.  Their success isn't measured by the number of followers they have on social media.  These ladies are the real deal.

Zakee Shariff needs no introduction. A talented artist, healer, mother, designer and all round shining star, Zakee has been inspiring the design and fashion crew with her meaningful artwork, clothing and accessories line for over 2 decades. Zakee is the embodiment of Shanti, she oozes peace and love, themes recurrent in her work. This lady resonates on all levels with us - her playful aesthetic, conscious philosophy and hope for the world all in line with ours.  Highest praise for Zakee Shariff. 

SS: What was your first thought this morning?  

ZS: I miss Poppy. I hope she slept well at her dads ;-)

SS: 3 things you are most grateful for in this moment?

ZS: Always my daughter

ZS: That I do something I love everyday

ZS: The girlfriends in my life

SS: What is your life / work philosophy?

ZS: LIFE .  Be kind and loving to all. Stay grateful. Follow your heart, passion and dreams. Listen to your instinct it has much wisdom. Remain optimistic even in the face of pain. Always step into trust. Stick up for anyone suffering on your path

ZS: WORK the same but run a business with a spiritual mind-set and create work that embodies love, peace and healing as well as an emotional connection.


ZS by Bec O'Conner.jpeg

SS: What comes first? Art or design?

ZS: Mainly my art but it can switch a lot for me. They kind of do a dance together.

SS: Do you have a daily practice? 

ZS: I try and meditate every day in the morning. Hard when it’s a school run morning! But I try most days.

SS: And a mantra?

ZS: Love and Peace,  Peace and Love

SS: What sets your soul alight?

ZS: Love and Nature

SS: Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

ZS: Enjoy the journey, whatever it gives you.

SS: Best piece of advice you can give?

ZS: Enjoy the journey, whatever it gives you.

SS: What’s your idea of the perfect Shanti Sunday?

ZS: With my daughter and friends, outside in nature or inside, with music, food and laughter.

SS: Favourite song to get your groove on?

ZS: Oh my I’m a BIG music lover so there are so many…….I can’t choose one. I love dancing to Afro Bashment music right now and Soul and R n B

SS: Your wish for the world?

ZS: WORLD PEACE and a safe transition into The Age of Aquarius


Peace illustration by Zakee Shariff. 

B & W portrait by Jess Seargant.  

Colour portrait by Bec O'Connor - Top Mast Studio for Black Neon Digital.

Tracey Ellis