High Praise: Cool for Cat S

Introducing Cat Stevens, no not that one....this Cat is a super talented photographer, artist and shamanic healer who, when not capturing the natural wonders of our beautiful world,  can be found shooting some of the best musicians on the planet; our heroine PJ Harvey and her male counterpart Nick Cave for starters.   Cat's first book 'Wrap your Troubles in Dreams' was a dreamy, visual contemplation of a journey through California, spent capturing the beauty and magic of her surroundings. 

We've been lucky to experience Cat's magic at play as both artist and healer.  We intitally met on a shamanic retreat;  a meeting which led to us collaborating on photographs of talented songstress Qendressa sporting our latest collection and the portraits featured on our website.   Cat is based in East London.  

How do you set your day off on the right foot?

With gratitude and prayer. 

3 things you are grateful for today?

All the love in my life

Good health 

Today's phone call from a friend asking if I'd like the gigantic rose quartz she just found outside her home.

What is your life / work philosophy?  Are they the same?

No separation. All is one. To live and work in the natural flow is important to me: to keep balanced and stay in equal exchange. 

Biggest inspiration?



You have a real gift of capturing magic in the everyday.  What’s your secret?

Trust and the magic will unfold..

You’ve photographed some pretty incredible people and places; what’s next on the horizon?

Another beautiful sunrise.. 

What sets your soul alight?

Reading a really good book, being out in the wild, the open road, love and life's synchronicity. 

Will we be seeing a follow up to ‘Wrap your Troubles…’?  What will it be called?

I'm in the editing process of something but not sure what yet :)

Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

From fullness we give.  

Best piece of advice you can share?

When we listen, nature speaks. 

What’s your idea of the perfect Shanti Sunday?

Feeling at peace in nature with the ones I love. 

Favourite song to get your groove on?

Run Come Rally by Dadawa 

Your wish for the world?

Deep healing for Pachamama and all her children.






Tracey Ellis