November Full Moon; Turning the Soil

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"When we focus only on what is seen on the surface, what sits beneath this surface becomes less and less fertile as time goes on. This months theme is 'Turning the Soil'; it’s time to dig down deep and turn up what lies beneath, bring it to the surface, inspect it, break it up, feed it, aerate it and fertilize it in preparation for new seeds." 🌱
I love this by shamanic practitioner Lena Stevens; the idea of being a plant in your own garden and bringing the concealed up to ground for transformation, fertilisation and growth.
Todays Taurus Full Moon has the potential to create crisis but this can help us break free from stagnation and stubbornness where anger and irritation play a big role in order to make way for a softer, emotional and vulnerable experience where creativity and imagination are fertilized with gratitude, love and awe. 
Taurus’ provides a container for Scorpio’s emotional depths, enabling us to really look at what’s inside. We are being pulled deeper into the mystery of our purpose and being invited to ground in nature or on our cushion and ask ourselves: What do I stand on? What do I stand for? 
Jupiter in Scorpio is intimately connected to this Full Moon, adding his expansive energies to the process of release and accelerating transformation.
Ceres, the ancient Mother Goddess, squares this Full Moon from Leo, forcing us to look at where we ignore our creative voice and abandon ourselves in the face of opposition. Ceres, like her Greek counterpart Demeter, understands the rage, despair and anger that comes from losing what is most precious to us. Let her help us honour the places in us that mourns for what never was or what can no longer be, and then move on to the wisdom that comes from letting go of those feelings so we can move on.
Let those disappointments, judgments and regrets go in order to rekindle our creativity and passion. Be open to new and different relationships but more importantly, wake up to your own beauty, self-worth and power. Be open to life.
Full moon blessings my loves x

Words by Lena Stevens, Cathy Pagano and Shanti Sundays

Tracey Ellis