High Praise: Emine Rushton

Carrying on our celebration of the inspirational ladies who are quietly encouraging people to wake up to their potential through their art, positivity and healing vibrations, this month we give HIGH PRAISE to the divine feminist, writer, mother, wife creative wellness consultant, holistic therapist and all-round beautiful soul Emine Rushton.

We bonded with Emine through a mutual love of self-care, self-love and what we can do to help heal a world out of balance.   We are big fans of this lady.  Read below and you'll find out why.


What was the first thought this morning?

“Gosh, it’s late. How lovely!"

3 things you are most grateful for in this moment?

The health & happiness of my family; the creative freedom of my work; the enormous sense of possibility that radiates throughout every single day.

What is your life / work philosophy?

Make your love your life and your life your work – when you feel torn between two ‘gods’ you’ll never feel truly whole.

What does self-care mean to you?

Listening, and then responding. Knowing when it’s OK to work late because your body is strong and mind clear, and when it’s not – and you need to head straight to bed and sleep all of those 9 hours. Never looking outside of yourself for guidance on how you should feel or look – tuning in, honestly and lovingly, to what you need, and why you need it. Switching off the negative monologue and getting to a solid place of true acceptance and natural, intuitive nourishment – spiritually and physically.


Do you have a daily practice?

My thought processes are similar from day to day – I tune into my needs constantly – what I want to eat, with whom I share my time, when I want to stop working and get in the bath… I very rarely push myself to any sort of limit anymore. I try to meditate most nights before bed – 20 minutes, with my diffuser puffing away beside me, breathing, clearing, holding onto my mantra. I wake to a few sets of sun salutations – a practice I brought home with me from Ibiza Retreats and which has, thankfully, ‘stuck’. Moving before doing anything else is glorious. Hello body – there you are; giving thanks to our cells and sinews and muscles and bones, and oiling them all up before we go into our day. At night, about once a week, I line up a restorative class with Movement for Modern Life… my mat, my Shanti Sundays bolster, my blanket, my candle… deepest heaven.

What sets your soul alight?

So many things! So often the simplest – the beauty of the things growing at our allotment (too perfect!); my daughters’ laughter (hilarious, uncontainable, hysterical); reading reading reading; creating, writing & feeling as though I am part of a real community – I love the company of women, and my soulful husband… conversations that take us late into the night, in front of the fire, woodsmoke & chai: bliss.


Best piece of advice you've been given?

"If it doesn't open it's not your door."

Best piece of advice you can give?

"They thought they could bury me but they didn't know I'm a seed." These words have raised up so many people close to me, just when they thought they couldn't raise their heads anymore.



What’s your idea of the perfect Shanti Sunday?

Oh… even imagining it… brunch with my babes and love, slow, listening, chirping, sunlight; reading with a cuppa, heads in books, all quiet, all content; walking through a garden/woodland/along the shore – glugging down fresh air, smiling, observing; time for meditation and an hour of beautiful yoga; loving kindness and patience among us all – hearts glowing, full, thankful. Dinner by the fire, followed by stargazing and laughter.

Favourite song to get your groove on?

Anything by Stevie Wonder

Your wish for the world?

That we would all of us awaken on the same day, wholly aware at the deepest level, that we are all inextricably connected. 

Tracey Ellis