2017 Womens March

Saturday 21st January 2017 is a date to remember, when citizens of the world united against social injustice and protested in favour of womens rights, human rights and equality for everybody.

Over 600 marches took place across the world on the first day of the Donald Trump's presidency, with 5 million people coming together to take a stand on social justice and human rights issues ranging from ethnicity, gender, race and religion.  

In London we joined 100,000 fellow humans from all walks of life to show solidarity with US citizens and everyone effected by social injustices in the world today.  We should all be able to live in a world where all beings, regardless of gender, race or religion can thrive.  The diversity of our cultures is what makes cities like London so incredibly special and alive.

The mood of the march was hopeful and kind delivered by a vibrant crowd of, mostly women but with plenty of feminist men to support.  You guys rock!

It felt so incredible to be part of this fledgling movement taking place on a global scale, however, it's hard to swallow that here we are, having to protest the same old shit.  Yet on the other hand, what a privilege we are able to!

The energy on Saturday was electric; let's keep it flowing beauties. We have work to do.