The Antidote to Winter blues

As Autumn settles in and Winter looms on the horizon, it’s not uncommon for our immunity and energy levels to take a beating as our bodies adapt to the dip in temperature and reduced sunlight.

Traditionally, Winter is a time to nourish and restore. Mammals have the right idea, hunkering down and generally moving more slowly during colder months, but not us humans. Life tends to pick up pace, getting gradually more frenetic as we career towards the holiday season.

According to Chinese medicine, Winter represents the yin aspect whose qualities are chilled, slow and inward unlike the yang of Summer which is hot, quick and expansive. Winter in Chinese medicine is associated with the kidneys which hold our most fundamental energy.  Rest is vital for revitalising kidney energy and one of the best ways to support them is with inward practices such as restorative yoga and meditation.

Well documented to fight stress and fatigue and even better than sleep at relaxing aching muscles, restorative yoga is the key to keeping on form during Winter.

 “I get caught out by the change in season every year, falling victim to the effects of SAD until I realise that all my body is craving is nourishment from deep rest.  20 minutes a day of restorative yoga practiced at home is all I need to get me quickly back on track and support me through the Winter." says our founder and yoga teacher Tracey.

 “I often start the day with a supported back bend over our lavender scented bolster, energising me for the day ahead and end the day with Vaprita Karani(supported legs up the wall pose),  back on the bolster with a silk eye bag to help me unwind before bed. These two simple poses are enough to make a huge difference to my overall wellbeing and energy levels.  They are my go to antidote to the Winter blues.”

Shanti Sundays ethically made props are in a different league to any other yoga accessory and make the perfect gift for any yogi or loved one who needs a reminder to slow down.

Hand filled with organic buckwheat and lavender at a farm in Lancashire, the star and floral printed bolsters offer a stylish and functional upgrade to any practice and home environment. The heart shaped meditation cushion offers a perfect base to find a quiet seat, also functioning as a therapeutic neck support.

 For new Mum’s and babies, the props double up as supports at feeding time, the lavender soothing both tired souls.

Our goal is to encourage people to take better care of their mind and body by making meditation and relaxation appealing and easy.  

Yoga and meditation can be practiced easily in the comfort of the home and when practiced regularly for as little as 15 minutes a day these tools help us cope with the stresses of our fast paced world.......And they are free!  You don’t have to go anywhere, look a certain way or be anything other than you. All you need is a quiet corner and a willingness to meet yourself where you are at. How great is that?

Tracey Ellis