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Return to the Heart

Falling in love again, with yourself and the world. A 3 week journey back to the heart.

“Every morning I awaken torn between the desire to save the world and the inclination to savour it.”

This one precious life.   As beautiful as it is, each day we are being asked to live with increasing uncertainty; our beloved planet is struggling to cope with the effects of consumerism, political systems are in total disarray, demands on us are high.  These times ask for a deeper truth and a trust that something far greater, does in fact, have our backs.

The key to living during challenging times is to meet ourselves where we are, in the home of our bodies..   Uncertainty can play havoc with our nervous system as we get lost in the survival consciousness of fight / flight mode and blinded to our interdependence and the wisdom of the heart.

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In this three part course at Yoga on The Lane, using the practices of restorative yoga, meditation and shamanism, we will return our being to a state of stillness and call forth our hearts inner wisdom to reveal our deeper truth. In this healing state, we invite all that is to arise and be held with love and compassion to be transformed for our good and the good of all.

Our last session will be a celebration of all that is. We’ll create a White Despacho, a beautiful Shamanic offering for manifestation and healing for the Earth, filling it with our collective intentions for ourselves, each other and our beloved planet and sending it out into the world.

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