Shanti: from the Sanskrit word santih meaning peace, calm, bliss; all qualities we long to cultivate more of in life.

Sunday: our favourite day; a day full of easeful interaction , nowhere to get to, no deadlines to meet, time to connect to ourselves and the things we love.

At Shanti Sundays we are passionate about moving our bodies and equally passionate about resting them.  Yoga, pilates, lifting, dancing, movement is great, providing we remember our bodies need repose. 

Our stylish, playful and considered designs have been created with this is mind, to support an easeful transition from ready to rest.  

As little as 10 minutes rest a day will make a world of difference to your life.  Learn to sit quietly, meditate, lie over a bolster, drape an eye bag on your brow, rest deeply and you'll be ready for all that comes your way.   

Our props are special and inspire daily use, encouraging you to drop mindfully from doing to being and back again with renewed vitality.